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Introducing our Handmade Australian Christmas Tree-shaped Cheeseboards, the perfect and distinctive gift that embodies our commitment to crafting exquisite, high-quality, and practical art for you and your friends to relish. Each cheeseboard is carefully handcrafted with customization options for size and color, allowing you to tailor it to your preferences. Our dedication to safety is evident through the use of food-safe, non-toxic resin, ensuring a delightful and worry-free culinary experience.


To preserve the charm of your Christmas tree-shaped cheeseboard, kindly avoid placing hot items directly from the stove onto the resin, as it may compromise its integrity. However, feel free to showcase a hot cup of tea on it for added festive warmth. Utilize only cheese knives or utensils with a similar level of sharpness, steering clear of heavy-duty cutting knives to maintain the resin's quality.


For cleaning, a simple method of warm water and soap is recommended; please refrain from using the dishwasher to uphold its enduring elegance. Share the joy of the season by gifting this exquisite Christmas tree cheeseboard or indulge yourself in a functional work of art that brings a touch of uniqueness to every festive gathering.

Resin Christmas board

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