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This handmade Australian charcuterie board is an ideal and unique gift, reflecting our commitment to creating stunning, high-quality, and functional art for both you and your friends to cherish.


Each board is crafted with care and can be customized to your preferences, offering a range of sizes and colors to suit your taste. Our commitment to safety is evident through the use of food-safe, non-toxic resin, ensuring that your culinary experience is both enjoyable and worry-free.


To maintain the beauty of your piece, please refrain from placing hot items directly from the stove onto the resin, as it may melt. However, feel free to set a hot cup of tea on it. Additionally, use only cheese knives or utensils with a similar level of sharpness, avoiding heavy-duty cutting knives to preserve the integrity of the resin. To clean, simply use warm water and soap; please avoid placing the board in the dishwasher to ensure its longevity and continued elegance. Gift this exquisite charcuterie board or treat yourself to a functional work of art that adds a touch of uniqueness to any gathering.

Resin Charcuterie Board

SKU: 364215376135191
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